First Day of School

Well today was my first day teaching, ever. And I have to say it didn’t go too bad. I started out with the highschoolers, and ended with kindergartners. Talk about two different worlds! But so far it has been fun, and once I figure out how to command the kids attention, I think I’ll be fine. I need to not worry about everyone liking me, and put my foot down on certain issues. I can really see how the little ones in particular will walk all over me if I don’t show them I’m not a push-over. So…tomorrow I have fifth graders and second graders. I hear the second graders can be a bit of challenge sometimes…so we’ll see. I DO think that having two rowdy boys, somehow helps qualify me for all of this, so I’m sure I’ll be okay.

I’m staying with my mom for the three days I am working, as she lives much closer to the school than I do. Lets just put it this way, the school is a 50 minute drive from her house and I live and hour and fifteen minutes away from her…so naturally… All that to say, she lives out in the boonies and does not have high speed internet, so I apologize if I am unable to make it to your blog this week, or comment. Hope you are all having fabulous weeks!


6 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Eat well, sleep well, laugh, and put your foot down! I am writing you from school before I go do 3 and 4 grade music. I love it; but, yes, it is a challenge!
    How can I be sorry your mom has slow internet….is there anything else in the mountains?

  2. Good luck. You should have some very interesting material for the blog out of your experiences.

    Hope your mom is doing fine, and that she appreciates what you are doing for her.

    By the way, those were great pics of you and the boys over spring break. You could tell you were having a blast.

  3. You ARE all over the place with the ages, my goodness.

    I’d much rather have the younger kids…somehow I relate to them better. Hm, what does that say about me? LOL!

    I’m sure you’ll do fabulous.

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