Tales From the Crypt

Okay, not really the crypt, but it does seem like I’ve been dead, doesn’t it? I’ve been getting complaints about being gone too long,so I thought I’d let you all know what’s up. What I forgot to tell you in my previous post is that I was going to be gone for a week, but it was going to take me a week to get ready as well. Ha ha ha. I’m sure you all understand…you know, clean the house, make sure hubby has food so he doesn’t starve, pack gobs and gobs of clothing and unnecessary items for yourself and your toddlers, etc. etc. So I actually left for my vacation on last Thursday and took two days to arrive. I will be leaving to come back on Saturday and will arrive back home on Sunday. Fortunately, my sister has a computer which enables me to write this right here. I’m sorry you’ve all been feeling neglected…
…but I’m having fun! So far we’ve been to IKEA, Cirque Du Soleil, the Science Museum, several malls, and today we’re going to the ZOO. This has just been one booked trip. We’ve also enjoyed, exploding ovaries, chairs falling on children, children falling on children, burst water lines, and a bit of sleep deprivation. I’m enjoying hanging with my sister, but I do miss my hubby a lot, and I am looking forward to coming back home. I hope to have some fun pictures for you all. I tried to take some at the Cirque Du Soleil last night, but I got busted…whoops! So that is all folks. I may check in again if I get the chance! Love, Sarah


13 thoughts on “Tales From the Crypt

  1. GiBee and Becky- I kind of wondered if people might ask about the exploding ovaries- and that is just an exxageration, btw, but my poor mother has been experiencing some painful problems in “those” areas, so that is what we have lovingly been calling it. Trying to use humor as a sort of medicine here. She is doing much better now however….

  2. I, personally, felt very neglected during your absence, and I’m only now coming out of it. Thank you for the explanation of where the heck you are! 🙂

    Were the chairs falling on children part of your IKEA experience? Ouch!

    Have fun, and we’ll be glad when you’re back.

  3. okay, I have to ask…oh, I read prior comments.

    I hope you have a fabulous rest of your little trip!

    Oh, I love IKEA. I was thumbing through their magazine and figured out I wanted to redo my entire house with kitchen. I only need $12,048.52.

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