First Birthday Cake


10 thoughts on “First Birthday Cake

  1. OMGosh, what GREAT pictures. The puss in the cake is the best, lol. Looks like a wonderful time.

    I have to say, you look so different in every picture…I’m always wondering which one is YOU, lol!!


  2. Ditto on the GREAT pictures, Sarah! It’s been my experience that when you mix an infant and a large cake with lots of icing together, wonderful things happen (and lots of clean-up is required).

    Just looking at the sequence of events in the shots, I’ll bet the video of this would have been hilarious.

    Your son is so precious. Uh, I mean, he’s a cool little dude (don’t want to sound too girly, you know).

  3. momyblogr-
    yes, I have a tendency to change my haircolor/style often so it is a bit difficult to always identify me. I need to be better about representing my current self.
    Right now though, my little pic is up to date: that is mwa.
    Heather-yes I actually DID make that cake. Have to say I was inspired by my good friend pretendingsanity, gotta give credit where credit is due. Also, this cake was mostly out of a box, save the frosting. The frosting is real and real good and super easy to make.

    Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes!

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