Tootin’ My Horn

I am totally Wonder Woman. Today I woke up and got a migraine in about 30 minutes. I get the type of migraines that come with a twenty minute visual warning: I see this weird flashy aura and it totally messes up my vision, and twenty minutes later the headache sets in. So this morning when that happened, instead of freaking out, like I have in the past, I just calmly got as much done as I could in the next twenty minutes so I could take care of my kids and my husband wouldn’t have to come home and bail me out. I finished feeding them breakfast, I ate breakfast and drank a whole glass of water, I cleaned up their trays, cleaned up my mess, put dinner in the crock pot, drew myself a bath, set the kids up with a movie and some toys, set myself up with the phone and some water and the remotes, and took two Excedrin Migraine. Then the migraine hit and I got into the tub, which was not warm enough, so I crawled into bed and toughed it out with the kids, even nursed Beau. Three hours later, I was feeling much better. So the Excedrin worked. It has caffeine in it though, so if you like to beat your headaches by sleeping, I don’t recommend it. (Which is what I normally would do.) So now I feel pretty good considering… I thought about actually going to the grocery store, but I’m happy with the status of Wonder Woman I’ve already gained today, thank you very much.


7 thoughts on “Tootin’ My Horn

  1. I got those a time or two when I was pregant this last time around. I do believe they are called Ocular Migraines.

    It may not be what your migraines are, but I had no clue what they were until I read someone else having them. Don’t know if this might help you or not.

    You are a woman toughin’ out a headache and kids!!

  2. Tooting your own horn..IN YOUR INVISIBLE PLANE!! Wonder Woman!

    I’m a crockpot kinda gal too. I have some killer recipes.

    I’m glad you are feeling better.
    So do you go to Coronado or O.M.?? If you see a bald guy that has been there forever at O.M. his name is Dave. He rocks. I miss chatting with Dave.

  3. I woke up with a migraine this morning too. I don’t get the auras. Just an instant migraine w/nausea etc. I have prescription meds. (relpax) so that helped in about 30 min. sometimes I have to take phenegran for the vomiting.Blah! The relpax just made me tired all day, but if I’d needed the phenegran – I’d be like what day IS this? Good for you that you took care of things before it hit.

  4. Jenny bee- I’m gonna have to get some of those recipes from you if your willing to share!
    I can see you’ve been outta town for while, because I do my grocery shopping at Walmart! We have two Super Walmarts now…or maybe you knew that? Actually though, if I do go to City Market and I like to on occasion, I go to the one on first and Rood. But if I’m ever at the O.M. and I see Dave, want me to tell him you say hi?

  5. You did all that in 20 minutes? That is amazing. I get migraines too and I love Excedrin. And thank God for remotes/bedroom tvs/and comfy beds for when mommy gets sick!

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