Potty Training Manual (or What worked fer Us)

I’m so proud of my little boy! And I hope that I’m not speaking too soon here, but Drew has made leaps and bounds in the potty training department. We’ve spear headed the whole issue here in the last month, meaning mommy just got tough and trained herself, and we’ve had a lot of progress. Today, while I was on the phone (yes, there is significance in that) he ran to the bathroom all by himself, got right up on the toilet and went pee! Yeah! Just in case your curious, this is what we’ve been doing. The first couple of days I let him go sans diaper or pull-up, just undies. As you might imagine, we had a lot of wet undies and pants, and he had to take them off and deal with them himself. If there was a puddle, he had to clean it up. I was getting a little wiser too, so I started setting the timer every half hour and taking himto the bathroom when it went off. In the bathroom, he was allowed to get off the potty after he went pee or poo (this seemed to be pivotal step.) Once he did go, not only was he really pleased with himself, but so was I, and I made sure he knew it! That was another important thing, I made sure I was positive and encouraging about every issue here. When he wet his pants, I was calm and just explained that he could avoid this if he’d go in the toilet. When he wanted to get off the potty (not having gone yet,) I’d just say, “You CAN get off, after you go pee.” instead of “you CAN’T get off until you go pee.” We also have a rewards system. He gets a sticker on his sticker chart every time he goes, and once it is full, he gets a big present. To encourage pooping, he gets a little football helmet everytime he goes on the potty. So far this method has really been working for us. Thank the Lord, because I was about to lose my mind.

He’s not perfect yet, but he’s getting it!


12 thoughts on “Potty Training Manual (or What worked fer Us)

  1. YEAH!!! Beau will be trained before you know it since Drew took up all the training time for the both of them!
    word verification “oychzee”
    definition: the type of sneeze that really hurts

  2. Oh yeah, he’s getting there. Then you’ll have to teach him to AIM! Mercy, mine are 43 and 7 and STILL haven’t gotten it. I think I may have to go get the Cheerios for target practice, lol!

    Good Job!

  3. way to go! keep up the good work, he will get it completely perfect before you know it! I know Beau is only a year old but it might not hurt to start teaching him what it is that Drew is doing…maybe it will help him to potty train earlier?

  4. ROCK ON!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!

    Since this has worked for my little gal and your littl guy…we need to quickly write a book about it and sell it for a Million Gazillion dollars!! 🙂

    And then we can buy all the yarn in the world we want and crochet (or knit) to our little hearts content.

  5. Sticker charts work wonders! That’s how I’ve started doing the discipline for my elementary classes this year…you would think those stickers were gold the way they want to earn them so badly! Great idea for the potty training!

  6. Sarah, where did you learn this? It is so “Love and Logic.” When they are teenagers it turns into, “Feel free to go visit your friends when you have finished your chores and homework.”
    right now it is, “feel free to get down from the potty when you have finished your business,”
    OOps, you made a mess, no big deal; no big deal to clean it up either!

  7. starshine-I think that’s a great idea! (thanks so much for the advice by the way ; )
    Cher-the “Love and Logic” thing has probably come from years of being subjected to it from my own mom, but also watching some parenting greats ; ) ; )
    Hannah- LOL on the word verification.

  8. LOL – Good job! I can relate to figuring out what tactics work best. I’m sure all mothers can! It feels so good to be free, doesn’t it?

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