Ariel at 13 Weeks

Okay, so to the best of my abilities and along with my sister, I am going to try and post a weekly picture of her belly development. This is mostly for our sister, Hannah’s, benefit, but I thought there are many of you out there who might enjoy watching the progression yourselves. So here we go, she is just about thirteen weeks along, due September 2, having an enviable pregnancy so far, and looking luscious as always.

Ariel and her Pea Pod.


8 thoughts on “Ariel at 13 Weeks

  1. Sarah–

    Looks as though I chose an interesting moment to begin reading your blog with this post, being a guy and all. Am I allowed to watch this stomach progession, or is that creepy for males to do? I need permission here is this is to be a regular feature.

    Anyway, I found you through Jennybee’s blog (I’m the one who’s been posting the weird romance book covers). I like what I see of your blog a lot, and will return often.

    If it makes your sister feel better, I’m not pregnant at all, and her belly is still smaller than mine!

  2. “Perhaps before pregancy, her belly was concave?”

    Ha ha ha ha! SNORT!

    That was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. And here I was going to leave a nice “so cute” comment. Nah, I agree with Susie. I look more preggers at this moment than Ariel. HA!

  3. dakotablueeyes-I’m sure she would say thankyou.
    susie-LOL! Yeah, I think you’re right.
    muley-thanks for stopping by and having the guts to comment, and of course you are allowed to watch the progression : )

    pretendingsanity and heather- yeah, I think right now I look as about as preggers as she does too, maybe even more…so I hear ya.

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