More Encouragement

I get daily emails from the MOPS website, and this was today’s and I thought I would share it with you in light of this post. You know, even if you can’t devote a whole hour or two for a nice substantial quiet time (in my idealistic, but impractical world), something is better than nothing. So without further ado…

Time For God
There was time for dating, getting married, and having a baby. Now, there is a renewed desire to have time for God.
Many of the moms I’ve met through MOPS seek out Christianity when they become mothers. Some are returning to their roots; others want a new perspective on life as they parent. All can find hope and guidance in the teachings of Christ as they take time to learn who he is and what he can teach us about himself. Robert D. Foster wrote a tiny booklet many years ago called Seven Minutes with God. In it, he outlines how a regular person like you or me can begin talking to God with just seven minutes of our day. Sometimes that’s all a mother has without an interruption! Where can you find seven minutes?

-When you first wake up
-After a shower
-While you dry your hair
-In the car after you drop off your child at preschool
-While you are walking or jogging or riding your bike
-When you are feeding your baby late at night
-At the beginning of naptime
Once you find seven minutes, Robert Foster suggests thirty seconds to clear your mind of all the responsibilities and worries calling you, four minutes to read the Bible, and two and a half minutes to pray. Whatever amount of time you have to spend with God, he will bless you with rest, hope and courage to face whatever mommy challenges you may face that day. Twinkle and shine this month as you enjoy each new day God has given you.


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