Dear Beau,

It’s the 15th and I was supposed to write a letter to you on the 8th! Whoops!
Well, little buddy, I can’t believe you are going to be a year old in just a few short weeks. Your looks are beginning to change and some of your baby fat is melting away. You’re slowly becoming a toddler and will no longer be my little baby. I hope you always are a cuddler though. If you always want to cuddle with me, I think I will get over the fact that you are growing up. Lets see, milestones this month: you’re getting your 5th tooth. This one has been a doozy I believe (I hope it’s the tooth and not your ears) A couple days ago you were so clingy I was thinking of renaming you ‘Velcro’. Having you not take to teething so well still throws me for a loop, because Drew was so easy in that respect. Now I understand what all the parents were groaning about when they explained that their child was teething. So hurry up and sprout them things out, no need to prolong this pain for either us, K? Can you do that fer me? And you’re progressing a little more with eating solid food. I discovered that you like pizza for instance. I’m still nursing you primarily and letting you go at your own pace with the solids. You are such a headstrong little guy, you don’t want me putting a spoon to your mouth anyways. You have also become a professional and industrious climber this month. If it can be climbed, you are there. Today you discover how to turn the laundry basket over and climb on top of it to get things previously out of your reach. Yes, ladies and gents, I am in trouble! Which brings me to my next point, a redundant one at that, you have developed an independent and determination streak matched only by your father. I don’t’ really know what else to say about that except that I have my work cut out for me. (At least I know it!) We also finally moved you into your own room this month. Glorious and heavenly sleep has returned to me, only to wake up in the morning with rock boobs…but hey, you can’t have it ALL! I knew you’d start sleeping through the night if you were in your own room and I was right, there has been a rare few nights that you have woke up crying to eat, which is fine by me because I still enjoy having your chubby little body asleep next to mine. You have also developed this comforting little habit of caressing my side with your soft little baby hands while you nurse. How did I get so lucky? My child massages me while he nurses! And today I gave you your first haircut. The mop was getting a little long on top, so I took the clipper to ya. You handled it like a pro. I tried to save most of your cute little curls in the back which I think are absolutely adorable. Your father has threatened to cut them off.I told him if he did, I’d cut him off, ehem. Bonus: your brother saw how unaffected you were by the clippers and let my buzz his head too! Thanks buddy! You are learning to speak this month as well, with your hands! I decided to try the whole sign language thing. And though I admittedly don’t know what I’m really doing, whatever it is that I’m teaching you, you are certainly picking up. The first sign I taught you was for milk and you picked up almost instantaneously. I was amazed. I figured it would take you a lot longer. But if there is one thing I have learned from growing up and from being a parent, is that parents tend to underestimate what their kids are capable of. So I know if I keep it up, pretty soon you are gonna be out-communicating me with your hands. I chose to teach you American Sign Language, so you are basically going to be bi-lingual. You can thank me later. (Once I teach the sign.) Did I mention last month that you are walking like a pro? As if it wasn’t obvious with my earlier mention of your climbing feats…
Well, I love you buddy. I hope you know that, and I’m sure you do, every time I try to eat your cheeks whole. My mom always called my sister Hannah, her second child, her Sunshine, and I think I finally understand that. You are my Sunshine too! Keep on smiling, babe!
Love, Momma


6 thoughts on “Dear Beau,

  1. Delightful Beau! Sarah, it sounds like you know your second son well; also from whence he came genetically and environmentally!
    Ah, yes, the laundry basket; that most versitile of objects! Somehow the “no spoon, do it meself,” attitude rings a bell too!

  2. Jennybee- rock boobs are what happens to you when you go all night without nursing and you wake up in the morning and you are engorged…sorry if that was TMI- just my nickname for them…he he

    Heather- I’m not ready for another baby just yet. My jury is still out on deciding whether to have another one or not. Right now I’m just starting to get my freedom back, and I’m rather enjoying it…so we’ll see. I know what you mean though, I really am trying to hold on to every little moment because I know that he could possibly be my last baby. Wah!

  3. He is just soo sweet, and growing so fast!! Velcro – lol! I totally know that feeling along with the rock boobs – im there too 🙂 lizzie finally slept through the night for the first time last night. needless to say – today is a painful day lol

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