Warning: The Following Post Contains References to Flatulence

Okay, so I’ve been reading most of you peoples blogs instead of posting on my own…
Feeling much better thank you, to all of you for your hugs and prayers and well wishes. I still don’t know what I had, but I think it may have been a bit of food poisoning…via some lettuce that was supposed to be triple washed…but probably got contaminated after the fact (or didn’t really get washed 3 times.) So anyways…out with the lettuce, and we’re being careful with anything else we prepare these days too. Not that we weren’t before, we’re just overly careful now…or extra..extra’s not bad when you’ve been puking and don’t want to do that again for well…ever…I don’t ever want to do that again. But anyways, it’s Friday and I was inspired by Na Uh! Ya Huh! and decided to share one of my own, majorly embarrassing moments.

So it was Christmas 2004, I was 8 months pregnant. We had steak for dinner. And all of us, meaning, my family, and my in-laws were playing Balderdash together around the table. Being that I was pregnant, and that we had a significant amount of protein for dinner, I became a little gassy. (If you are, or have been pregnant, you can vouch for the extra gassiness, thank you very much!) So I’m sitting there trying to let out a little flatulence, slowly, so it wont be loud and embarrassing. Fortunately it wasn’t stinky so the noise would have been all you would have noticed had I let it rip. It comes out quietly, but still making an audible noise, if not identifiable. To my horror, my husband looks up at my mother and says, “What was that?” And my sister interjects and says, “Sounds like someone was trying really hard to hold in a fart but it squeaked out anyways.” There must have been guilt all over my face because my husband then asked me if it was me, to which I lied, “NO!” Then my mom and he were worried that it was the dog in the back yard and were about to go check on her, and I, who cannot tell a lie (for very long anyways) said, “Okay, fine, it was me!!!” At this point I am burying my head in shame and Kev asks, “Really?” and noticing my state, says, “It must have been, because look at how red you are turning!” Then everyone pretty much erupts in laughter. I could not look at my FIL, because I was SO embarrassed. Somehow, having him be a witness to all of this made it much more embarrassing… So there you have it, my most embarrassing moment to date, probably, and I wasn’t even in a whole crowd of people I didn’t know. Just goes to show you what a pregger mind (and body) can do to you.

Anyways…hope I made ya laugh today : )


8 thoughts on “Warning: The Following Post Contains References to Flatulence

  1. Um. I’m gassy even when I’m not prego. And.. uh.. shhhhh.. I farted at my friend’s house yesterday. And she heard. And.. well.. I had to say something and.. well.. it was STINKY. So, thank you for sharing because us gassy girls gotta stick together. 🙂

    :: running into my corner now ::

  2. Boy do I understand your predicament!
    Is there no balance here, ladies?
    It seems that we are either surrounded by folks who are shocked that we feminine types have such a natural thing as flatulence OR surrounded by those who say, “What’s the big deal, its so natural, why hold back?”
    I admit, I am not comfortable in the company of either extreme!

  3. Oh, how FUNNY! Yes, being pregnant does make matters worse. It seems with all that extra pressure, almost impossible to contain them. And once they escape they seem so much louder because they actually screached out, lol!

    Very funny. It made me laugh out loud, lol.

  4. That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! (My mother-in-law just walked by and said, “Why are you smiling at your computer?” … Hee hee..)

    I have had terrible gas lately. Like you – not stinky – and I don’t even have the 8 month pregnant excuse. Must be the eating healthier (beans) thing. LOL.

  5. Yeah…girls-the gas never goes away. I’m gonna have to ask God about gas when I get to heaven.

    Jennybee-no, gas never ceases to be funny. Beau is the gassiest kid ever and it’s so funny when he looks at me after he just tooted all confused, like “what on earth was that, Mom!?”

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