Monkey Boy

Twentysix years ago, my mom gave birth to a monkey (that would me), and twentyfive years later the monkey in me has come out (that would be Beau.) The little guy is only ten months old, people, and crawling up and over just about anything his short little legs will allow. The other day I was sitting on my couch and I was surprised to see his little face pop up over the back. He had crawled up on his toy box, and then he swung his little legs up over the top and came over face first. He also has been crawling all over our little jungle gym, and figured out how to slide down the slide. Thank goodness he’s not tall enough to crawl over the gate at the top of our stairs, although, if he takes after his grandma, he’ll just stick his toes in the loops like their steps to a ladder and climb right over. He already tries to scale his changing table and thinks he can crawl down from our bed. I’m proud of him though, even if it means I’ll have to keep a closer eye on him…


6 thoughts on “Monkey Boy

  1. At least he takes after you… I have to put up with one that is just like my husband, no make that 2 just like my husband. Couldn’t he have been an easier child? I was an ANGEL after all… LOL If you beleived that one, I have some land to sell you!

  2. Yes, he takes after you Sarah,but, this may be one of those cases where he got a double dose of genes (just like Kev’s flawless sense of rhythm).
    He has a great uncle who was found in the bathroom sink at a young age – the wall mount kind with no toe holds anywhere near. B’s own father was found astride the raised crib rail (mattress as low as possible)gleefully contemplating his escape late one night. Do not underestimate the ability to fence sit the stair gate. Who needs toe loops?

  3. I’ve had a climber, too! I get nervous about it and they just don’t stop (to my 7 year old: “WHAT are you doing on the roof??!! How did you get up there?? ~response~ Well, Im I don’t care if you are getting a football! ~muttering to self~ your father is so going to tear that fence down)

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