The Naptime Uprising

Hello y’all. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. That seems to happen a lot on Wednesdays, because I have my pottery class at night, and that is when I usually have time to post. Although, today I am posting in the middle of the day…so go figure.
There is an uprising going on at my house. My kids have been refusing to take naps. Yes, even Beau. I can understand an almost 3 year old not wanting to take a nap, much less be tired…but Beau? I so need these kids to take naps. I rely so much on that hour (at the least) to have a little time to myself or get things done. I think I just may have to get myself and the kiddos on more of schedule. I hate schedules, really. I resist them with every fiber in my body (thanks Mom,) but I think that if I can implement a few regular daily things here- maybe I can get the kids to take a regular nap and then I can actually get things done around here. So here goes…wish me luck, or even better, just that my kids will take naps more often. We’re talking the difference between sane and insane here…..


10 thoughts on “The Naptime Uprising

  1. Oh no! I hate when the naps stop :p I tried to enforce it here for as long as possible. It ended up being called “quiet play time” because that what he does now instead of sleep. Good luck!

  2. LOL! I can relate! Seth gave up naptime A LONG time ago. I NEED that hour. I still put him in his room. He stays in and knows that it’s quiet time. I turn out the lights (the key to keep him quiet) and I go about my business. He plays, can watch a movie, “read” books… I really don’t care as long as he’s quiet and I get my time.

    If you can get them to take naps you need to share with us how you did it. I REALLY need to know. HA!

  3. My rule around here is that we MUST have at least an hour rest time. They don’t have to sleep, but the have to lay down for an hour. Eden reads books or plays with her dolls in my bed, and Honor usually still sleeps in his crib. Mama has to have the rest time.

  4. there must be something in the air or weather or something – elizabeth is doing the same thing!! The boys have mostly outgrown naps (which helps them to be dead asleep by 7:00 pm) but not elizabeth – IF she naps its only for 1/2 hour. Ugh – let me know what you end up trying and if it works – I will try anything!

  5. Way to go young women! Moms of kids under school age have got to find a way to enforce an hour of nap or quiet time each day! It often develops early readers! Many children who know they MUST rest quietly in their bed will drop off to sleep with boredom anyway:) Previously approved movies are good. Audio stories are good. Softbooks are good…. (Oh, you should hide the vaseline or ointments – that was what I painted my mom’s chenielle (sp) bedspread with 40 some years ago during “I will lie down, but I will not go to sleep,” time.

  6. oh no no no children! you must take naps. i tell my kids- just lay down- you don’t have to go to sleep. in fact if u tell them not to go to sleep they most likely will. prayers for you. moms need the downtime.

  7. I hear ya! And I didn’t want to get into the whole schedule thing either but it kind of happened and it does seem to help. Which sucks b/c then I feel bad if I want to stry from it. Naptimes are always at the wrong time when I want to make plans.

  8. Sarah, you are welcome! Imagine, even you yourself were not EVER a nap taker so we developed the quiet time.Perhaps that is where you developed your creativity. But I needed those quiet times too.As far as exact scheduals go.the nice thing about not being so rigid in reguards to time.When the unexpected comes along-and it always does.You dont end up with your underware in a knot because your scedual did not go according to your plan. Believe me, working at a school with a 100 plus kids and 13 different grades to teach I would loose my mind if I could not “roll with the punches”and “go with the flow” _ But … everyone needs a quiet time! Mom

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