While at Sam’s Club Today…

So a few weeks ago, right before Christmas, my madre and I were shopping at Sam’s Club. She had Drew in her cart (I had Beau in mine…but anyways) She and Drew happened upon one those giant mechanical Santa Clauses. Drew wasn’t impressed with him either, as he had a pointer finger broken off (which someone had strategically placed in Santa’s belt) and his other hand was in pieces as well. So my mother and he dubbed him the “creepy Santa Claus.” So today as we are walking through Sam’s again, Drew says to me, “Momma, I wan go see keepy San Claus.” My kid’s memory: keepy.


5 thoughts on “While at Sam’s Club Today…

  1. Please with the memory. My kids have steel traps in their little heads. They come out with stuff like, “Mommy, remember when we went to the store that day, it was dark out and the moon was…like orange and we were listening to that CD really loud that you like?” Ah, NO sorry! Why? “Mina and I sneaked a piece of gum that night” LOL!

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