Dear Beau,

Hey little buddy, it’s your turn for the month. You turned 10 months old yesterday. Wow time flies! (Haven’t said that before…snort) You are such a chunk still, but I think, I think you may be slowing down. You have been fitting into your twelve month clothes for several months now and haven’t quite moved to the eighteen month stuff yet (though you do fit into some…)

This month your determination has reached crisis status. Well, okay, maybe not crisis- but geez! Could you just lay off the outlets! Your hair doesn’t need to be any curlier than it already is. I don’t mind you being driven to get at anything else (famous last words…ha ha) it’s just the outlets that are so dangerous kid. I don’t see what your fascination is with them, but hey- I’m not ten months old, nor am I a boy.

Just in the last two weeks since Christmas you have really traded in your knee pads for walking shoes. You figured out how to bring yourself to standing from the floor all by yourself and you try to walk everywhere you can. I’ll admit sometimes you look a bit like a wobbly drunk man walking- but hey you’ll overcome that and get even more steady on your feet.

You are starting to fight back with your brother. Now when he goes for something you have, you know enough to pull it back from him to keep it. (Good job! Hee hee) You are constantly undergoing the Drew-gauntlet however, being knocked over, and poked at and the practice Mr. Potato Head. I’m trying to reduce the amount of times you are forced to go through the gauntlet, but well, Drew is having a hard time cooperating with me. I figure it (you) will come back to bite him in the butt though. After dealing with all his pestering, you are gonna be one tough kid.

You are starting to lose your infant “can do no wrong” appeal, which makes me sad. I enjoy that stage so much. It seems to slip away every time you scream at the top of your lungs, which is too often these days. I’ve become desperate to try and find ways to stop you from doing it, but oh well. I think it is just a stage, that SHALL SOON PASS! Got it? Okay good, just wanted to make sure we understood each other there. : )

Well, babe, I can’t think of any more highlights from this month. All is well with you all is good. You are still the cutest guy, getting cuter everyday. I love your chubby little cheeks, especially when you smile, and the way your deep green eyes sparkle when someone smiles back at you. Here’s to your eleventh month, with less screaming in it, tee hee. I love you!


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