My Two Christmas Angels

Thank you again, to my mom and dad who lovingly toted around little Beau (who was not feeling well) on Christmas day. Without whom I would have been melting in a puddle of my own breast milk, and everyone (but Beau) would have starved or just had to have been satisified with peanuts.


16 thoughts on “My Two Christmas Angels

  1. what a sweetheart. why do little kids look so cute when they dont feel good (unless they are puking). Theres just something about that total dependency look on their little faces.

  2. LOL šŸ™‚ Oh girl…I feel for you. I SO remember those days!!! Thankfully you had help. That is wonderful! Cute pics too.

  3. oh, his little rosie cheeks. Feeling better, I hope?

    How wonderful to have parents near and involved in your family’s life. Mine live close but don’t see my kids often?? even my two single sisters. I can’t wait to see the 180 turnaround when they have kids of their own.

  4. Heather- well to all of you really: sorry, I haven’t been ignoring you- just been a little on the busy side since Thursday. We had a family birthday and then visiting and so on… you know how it goes. But the good thing is, I’m back. Everything is okay. Beau has been well again for over a week. Thank you for your concern though!
    P.S. Yes, I agree with all of you, grandparents ARE wonderful!

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