Since I’ve been gushing here and there about my pottery class, I thought it only fair to share with you the results. This is my first batch of things, and there will be more to come since I am going to keep taking my class! Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Results

  1. You made those??! How completely awesome! I hope I can take a class someday. Did you make these all during your first ever class? Like this isn’t an advanced class or somthing? — Really beautiful things! They would make great gifts if you’re able to part with them. I’m partial to the green one which would make a great coffee mug.

  2. Tee- Yes, I did! But no, this was not my first class- I have a degree in art, so technically my pots should be much more advanced (even though my concentration was actually in drawing, I took many pottery classes as well.) And yes, I’m having trouble parting with one of the sugar bowls- but I plan on giving them all as Christmas gifts.

    Fuzzypeach- yes I threw all of them and glazed them too! In the class that I take, all of those things are provided and taught.

    To you all- maybe I should make a special “Sermon on the Mount of Laundry” edition green mug to sell- would you buy one?

  3. Darin is convinced that the green mug is HIS, because he says it looks like it may say “fox” on the side lol… if you still haven’t finsihed his, then maybe, that would be a good suggestion..hahaha

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