The Evil Wal-Mart Spider Momster

So today as we (meaning myself and the boys) are walking through evil Wal-Mart, I discovered a giant evil fake rubber black widow. Apparently it had made its way from its rightful spot in the toy aisle. So naturally, the “eldest child” in me coming out, I had to pick it up and try to scare to Drew with it. I was expecting him to laugh and pretend he was scared, and then want to play with it himself, try to scare Beau like any normal curious two year old, toy hungry, eldest child and last but not least: BOY. But no, to my surprise, he screamed so high pitched that people actually stopped to see what was going on. Who knows what they were thinking I had done to my poor child. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the thing and wanted it as far away from his as possible. Call me what you will, but I could not contain my laughter. I was not expecting this reaction, and it was just too funny and surprising. Of course, then I felt horrible for torturing my own child and thinking it was funny, so I tried to show him it wasn’t real, but he would have none of it. So then I showed it to Beau, who was only too happy to chew on the thing. We returned the spider to it’s rightful spot (I think.) And I am comforted knowing that as long as it is small enough, I will at least have one bonafide spider-smoosher (but only with heavy duty shoes on, mind you.) Beau will be the kid who brings them in crawling all over his hands to show me how cool they are. Sorry Drew! I really do love you!


6 thoughts on “The Evil Wal-Mart Spider Momster

  1. That made me laugh, seriously. I do the same stuff to Hailee. Not with the spider though. Wouldn’t work. She’s going to be an entomologist I just know it. She picks up bugs and when the cecada’s were here she was obsessed. She picked them up!

  2. One of the first things boys should be taught is how to bravely smush bugs – especially spiders, for the rest of us! Seriously, maybe we need to have a little chat about genetically transmitted phobias. Sometimes they skip generations just like eye color. Sometimes they are transmitted female to male like colorblindness.
    Then again, the counselor at this residence has been waxing eloquent recently on how phobias are a result of childrearing. If I hear anything I can agree with, I will pass it on! Meantime, I do agree with him that phobias happen in corelation with obsessive compulsiveness. You know, picky, picky, picky, wash constantly, clean up every mess, notice every detail folks, like, well, like me.

  3. Oh Sarah that was my morning belly laugh. Well, do you remember what Drew did to that beautiful,big, (live) praying mantis? Whomp! Really, that sounds like somthing your Mother would do. he he

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