Call Me Hooked

Okay, maybe not exactly, but I DID try knitting for the first time this weekend- and to my surprise, I liked it! We had an impromptu surprise party for my best buddy Mel. (Her birthday is Christmas Eve, so we never really get to celebrate with her.) Allie and Jim came up- and later when things kind of settled down a bit (meaning the guys were out in the family room with the kids and the TV) us girls sat out in the quiet(er) living room, and Allie brought in her knitting work. She was working on a cute little purse. Anyways, Mel and I both expressed interest in wanting to learn and Allie happened to have enough extra string and needles, so we got an impromptu lesson! (It was the night of all things impromptu!) We had a blast all sitting there knitting and talking (hence the term stitch n’ bitch, pardon the french.) Mel and I decided this should be a weekly thing, so Allie you’re committed whether you like it or not, HA! No, but really, I did enjoy it quite a bit and would like to continue on. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to commit to it, but that’s pretty much the story with anything.


10 thoughts on “Call Me Hooked

  1. Well I hope you have more time to commit to it than I did. I still have my starter swatch and I never got past anything but that. MUCH LUCK or should I say much time!

  2. Becky- I started to knit a scarf- and I think that is what I will make first…cause I’m going to TRY to keep it up.

    Mama C-ta- yeah, Allie and actually know each other. And actually- she’s the one to blame about my bloggin habit LOL!

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