Dear Beau,

You’re nine months old today, kiddo. You’re about to be a full blown walker. I aint got a clue how much you weigh, well, actually probably about 25 pounds. One of your daddy’s recording clients actually dubbed you “beefcake.” Ha ha! Which is really so true, I just never imagined that one of your father and my kids would be as chunky as you are. But I just love your cute little chubby cheeks. They are so fun to kiss. And it is super cute when we wrap you up in your down jacket and you fall asleep and your cheeks and lips all pooch forward and jiggle every time we hit a bump. You are still pretty smiley most of the time. But this month you’ve taken to screaming quite a bit. Not sure where that came from, but your brother went through that stage too. You have the determination of your father. I know you don’t know quite what that means right now, but lets just put it this way: your father pursues his dreams and lesser things as well with every fiber in his body. He doesn’t stop for roadblocks, he just plows through, and when he sees a mountain, he runs up it instead of slowing down. Yes, that is the kind of determination you have. I can’t tell you how many times yesterday I told you “NO” while you were desperately trying to get the ornaments off the Christmas tree. Then you finally grabbed a branch and pulled the whole thing over (the fake one.) And your determination shows with you constantly trying to walk. Not slowly either- when you are finally able to master your balance, you’ll be running. (Lucky for me…) Now lets talk about your sleeping habits kiddo- (as if I could actually “talk” you into sleeping.) You are still waking up to be fed every night and you have a knack for doing it just as I am drifting off to sleep. Still headbutting the headboard and now your father, but thankfully haven’t gone for the end of the bed again. No, we haven’t gotten you into your own room yet. Lets just say that the family room has been ready for weeks and we’re just now moving toys out there. So it might still be a while yet. Oh well, I like your warm little heater body next to mine when it’s not wiggling. I’m going to savor these moments since you may be my last baby. (Although the other morning, your father informed me that we need to have five boys. And I said, “Five! Can’t just ONE of them be a girl, then? Just One?!” To which he replied, “Well, okay, she’ll have to play bass then, but she has to be good!”) You and your brother are playing together more and more these days, which is kind of nice. However, whenever I put you both in that “car” cart at City Market, you two almost start to fight with each other. I didn’t know it began so early. And I must admit that when Drew is taking his nap, (and you are not, ehem…) you roam the toys with glee and make yourself readily and happily busy.
You are also getting in your top two teeth this month. (Once again, yay for me! Ha!) That has made for some interesting ear pulling, snot sucking, and sopping drool moments.
Well, I think I hear the jingle of Christmas ornaments being played with, so I must run to see what you are up to…buddy!
I love you so much!


6 thoughts on “Dear Beau,

  1. Your hubby’s comment about the girl playing bass was funny;)

    Beau is so adorable! I can almost see his little cheeks and lips jiggling in my mind now…

    The picture of him playing with his brother is so cute! It’s amazing that he’s walking already. Determination, indeed. Happy 9-months, little guy!

  2. That picture is perfect w/his little lips. I want to pinch my monitor! And walking already, wow he is determined!!

    Sorry about the sleeping though, I see no good nights of sleep in my future either. Grrrr.

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