Happy Monday

Drew and his first big experience with snow.

Definitely liking it.

Well…maybe not so much. (Mom bring the gloves next time!)

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my in-laws over the weekend. A really great trip. Food. Hiking. Gabbing. The Denver Art Museum. Costplus World Market. Guitar Center. (The last one is for the hubs!)
Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend as well!


5 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Oh I want snow SO BAD!!! Where we live we might get an inch or two of snow once a year…but that’s about it. I have to drive 3 hours to get to the snow…I am jelous. It really looks like fun!!!

    I see you live in Denver(Or around there I assume) I was born in Fort Collins but moved away when I was little.

  2. Becca- actually where I live, hasn’t gotten any snow yet, surprisingly- but yes we were in Denver over the holiday weekend. I have a few friends who live in Fort Collins, it’s a great little town!

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