Furniture and Tomatoes

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. See I even excused myself and prewarned everyone about possibly not posting every day- and I STILL feel guilty. Oh well…that’s just me.

Today we’ve been out looking for a new couch for our newly finished family room. The hubby was commenting on how now that we’ve fixed it up, we need to get new nice stuff for it- but before we didn’t need anything for it. Maybe we just need to see the beauty of sitting on the floor-more.

Here’s a shot of our empty, but now very nice family room…

Okay, so not completely empty…but here it is…

And…sadly…say goodbye to my tomatoes…I slaved and slaved all summer long to get these things to grow (not really…)- but I finally ended up with 18 GREEN tomatoes that I knew I wasn’t going to eat. I just wanted the satisfaction of watching them turn red. So here they are:

Yeah, I know they’re not all red yet- but they needed to go. Darn mealy tomatoes. I will avenge you next year!!!!


4 thoughts on “Furniture and Tomatoes

  1. WOW Sarah – the family room looks great!! You guys have done a lot of work on it! I remember what it looked like before 🙂 lol…so where did you put ALL of drews toys?

  2. Prudence-Thank you! I actually put away half of Drew’s toys (believe it or not he plays with them more now) and the other half are in our living room behind the couches- but they’ll be out in the FR soon enough.

    Hannah-Yes- Kevin DID lay all that tile by himself. Not too shabby, eh?

  3. I love that tile. It looks great and Kevin did an awesome job! That border could not have been easy. As for the tomatoes, every year I try to grow my own as well and one of these times I will get it right. Yours turned out better than mine ever have. You know “Win Some, Lose Some.”

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