My Cop Out Post…

Ok, so is it sad that I feel like I need to post before I can go and get anything done today. I have a million and one things to do today like the laundry and bills and grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and take a shower! Can’t forget that one…

It seems like everyone skipped posting on Friday. It is getting to that busy holiday time of year, so I don’t know if I can promise a daily post, but I will try. Please don’t give me a hard time if I put up what I call a “cop out” easy post. At least it gives you something to read…

I am overdue for writing my eight month letter to Beau. The task is overwhelming me. More to follow…


4 thoughts on “My Cop Out Post…

  1. LOL! What a cute picture! 🙂 (You’re face is going to stay like that. Hee hee…) I also feel like I need to post daily. I feel so aggitated if I don’t. That can’t be healthy 😉

  2. LOL 🙂 For starters…the picture is great!!! Thanks for sharing…haha. Second…I totally understand about not posting as much…you are right, it is just that busy time of year 🙂

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