What Am I Doing Right Now?

Currently perched on my comfy chaise lounge-legs stretched to the end, where I can conveniently see the rest of the house and therefore keep an eye on the boys. Of course, the minute I moved here, so did both boys, so it doesn’t really matter. But, I have my new camera right next to me, just in case there are any split second photo opportunities. (Because when you have 2 boys, there always are.) And of course my phone on the other side of me, because someone will inevitably call the minute you get settled in. I have lots of work to do on the computer today. Got to email all the family our holiday plans and what not. So, this is not so interesting and I promise I will have a post up soon with pictures and hopefully other interesting stuff. Didn’t post last night, cause the hubby and I actually went to bed at the butt crack of dusk. Ok, not THAT early, but like 9:45 p.m. So nice to actually get some sleep. Anyways, I will be back today. Promise!


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