Why the Carpet Will Never Survive Toddlers and Some Other Stuff

Today while I was in the kitchen washing dishes, like the dutiful wife that I am, my kids were headed towards Drew’s room. Not wanting to leave them alone for any length of time I went back to the room to check on them and was greeted by the familiar smell of Bleach. I looked down and Drew had gotten a hold of my Bleach pen. He had dripped it several places on the carpet and was about to make a bleach drawing on his magna-doodle. Drew, of course, got in trouble. However, the problem with this situation is that it is really MY fault this happened. I underestimated the abilities of my son. He can open doors. He can find anything to help him climb up to an object that is out of reach. I should have known better than to leave my Bleach pen anywhere in plain site where he could get it. I felt terrible that this happened-and now we have several discolored polka-dots on our new carpet. All I could think was, “Great! How am I gonna tell Kevin about this one?!” My explanation for this one (and other mishaps like it) is that it is virtually impossible to keep up with, foresee EVERY potential problem that might have a possibility of happening with my two year olds vastly multiplying abilities. Fortunately, Kevin dealt with it much better than I expected, but was rather miffed at me for a good deal of time tonight. OH, this sucks! These are just the painful little things that you can do nothing about and you have to just let go and not worry about.

In better news: I hate to be all, “Look what I got!” But this particular goody benefits y’all too. Finally. My. New. Camera! Lets hope this one passes the hubby test so we can keep it! Here’s the following to celebrate.

Drew muggin’ it for the new cam…

My hottie of a hubby, even if he is mad at me.

Can’t forget my sleepy baby. And would you just get a load of those luscious lips!

Behold the fate of my only tomatoes this year. Anyone got a good recipe for fried green tomatoes?

Drew and I, doing much better today : )


9 thoughts on “Why the Carpet Will Never Survive Toddlers and Some Other Stuff

  1. At least it was your children who did it. When we put new carpet in our rental, I was cleaning with Clorox Clean-up and it fell over and dripped out. Kurt was pretty upset with me as well. I felt awful.

    PS Thanks for the advice. I loved that website!

  2. That sucks about the bleach pen – but you can hardly blame him. Those things look like a kid’s marker… I think there are dye kits you can buy to try to fix the stain… I’ve also heard people take a scrap of carpet leftover from the job, cut a small square – cut the stain out and just paste the square in. Depending on the carpet type, that might be obvious though…. Well, I’d rather have few dots of bleach – I’ve got several pink juice stains… I’ve heard of a good steam cleaner that’ll take it out. Can’t afford it yet… Wow… I sure can ramble. LOL.

    It was kind of nice to hear that hubby got a little miffed with you for it (just because I thought I was the only one with a husband that would get mad about something like that. LOL.)

    Congrats on the new camera 🙂 Your husband IS HOT! Please, no more pics of him. You’re causing me to sin. ROFL…. He looks kinda like John Cusack, who I have a major crush on… who looks kind of like my BIL… ut oh. LOL.

    As for fried green tomatoes – slice them about a 1/4 inch thick. Dip in slightly beaten egg, and then in regular bread crumbs. (Some use flour)…. Fry until browned on both sides in a little canola oil. Salt to taste…. And I like ketchup on them but I’m weird.

  3. Becky- I thought you might like that website! I woudn’t have suggested it otherwise…
    Tee- I was ROFL reading your comment! Too funny! “You’re causing me to sin!” HA HA HA! Still laughing.
    And thanks for the recipe, I’ll have to try it and let everyone know how it turned out!
    Jill-yeah-I was excited about the camera, but alas it is not to be, didn’t pass the hubby test. Or my test either. That thing can’t focus fer crap- and it was a Nikon! I had such high hopes. Oh well. Taking it back and getting the good old trusty Kodak.
    Heather-yeah, I had to hold me breath walking in on that one. I know my heart started racing!

  4. AW, great pictures of all of you! I remember one time I was in elementary school, talking on the phone, banging a pen on the ground and I looked down and saw a HUGE puddle of ink on the beige carpet in my room. I was scared out of my mind. My mom was gonna KILL me! Man was she MAD! Our carpets are horrible right now. Sippy cups really do some damage over a period of time :0) All those darn dripS!

  5. Drew, is looking more and more like Kevin now that he is older.
    At least the bleach went on the carpet and not on, or in some-ones face….(Much thanks to the little sister 🙂 )

  6. New cameras are the best! I am using flickr.com to store privately or display my favs. Nice site to find wallpaper or good blogging pics without copyright woes.

    You do know the inventor of the safe had a two year old? Good idea to call a carpet guy..they know all the good tricks.

    Fried Green Tomatoes..yummy. By the way, I just learned and am trying this trick from an elderly Italian friend. Just being Italian would make her an expert on tomatoes, you know. LOL! She told me to pull up the tomato plants from the ground when it gets cold and hang them upside down by the furnace, garage or in the basement, somewhere dry and warmer than outside…they will continue to ripen and you get tomatoes into New Years!! I don’t know if you are a green thumb but I have had gardens for years and never heard of that. Okay, so I have tiny ears.

    PS. Just started reading your blog last month. Nice to ‘read’ you!

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