Things I am Thankful for..

1. My hubby-you know, he’s just so awesome that there’s no way I could begin to explain the depths of how thankful I am for him, I’d have to write a flippin’ novel. If you really want to know here’s the tip of the iceberg.

2. My parents- two people who are the best example of marriage, not just any old marriage, a totally Hot, burnin love marriage- still- after 27 years. My mom, who will always be one of my best friends, for a myriad different reasons, and my Dad who is the best and only example I have found of what I think Jesus must have been like. Yeah, they really are that cool.
3. My sisters-yeah, I’d have to write a book about you two as well. Can’t believe how close we have gotten over the years, and I’m so proud of both you. I love you so much.
4. My friends, who are like family to me anyways. Yes the people we neglect for two years, who welcome us back with open arms and are there to help sooth our wounds. I love you guys.
5. The five minutes my husband takes Beau so I can actually take a dump by myself!
6. My pottery class-what feels like two minutes, but is really two hours of blissful right-brained FREEEEEEDOM!
7. My Mom- who is only too happy to come take my children off my hands for a little while and doesn’t consider it drudgery.
8. A roof over my head-especially when many people’s roofs have been blown off…
9. My kids-especially when they are cute, which means they are asleep.
10. Music- there are so many times in my life where things wouldn’t have seemed near as cool without the perfect theme song.
11. My big fugly Suburban.
12. FOOD! I was preoccupied through my whole pottery class tonight because I hadn’t eaten…sad… I know.
13. All three of my awesome brother-in-laws. When I imagined what having a brother would be like, I never got to how cool these guys are.
14. Chiropractors.
15. Midwives. Thank God there is an alternative to OBGYNs (not that I have anything against anyone who is one or uses one…I just prefer a more natural approach.)
16. Guitars. I love it when my dad plays, and even when my hubby plays the same song over and over until he’s got it perfectly and it is now stuck in my head.
17. That I live in America. Sometimes I really wonder how and why I am so blessed to live in the freest place in the world.
18. My extended family. I didn’t know they could be this good. Honestly, extended family was not something I thought about before I married- and I really feel like I lucked out in that area.
19. Art. Thank you God for an outlet that I truly believe is after your own heart.
20. This Blog. Yet another outlet that has affected my life in ways I never would have imagined.


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