My Date with Clay

So tonight I actually got to take some much needed time for myself and go to a pottery class. Yay! I was so excited about it, but I was nervous at the same time. I haven’t thrown (for all you non-“pottery geeks” throwing is what it’s called when you make a pot on the wheel), so anyways, I haven’t thrown for over three years-since I was pregnant with Drew. I was a little worried I’d lost my groove, but no I STILL got it! I can still throw and I don’t believe I’ve gotten any worse (not that I was that good to begin with, but…) Actually I think that my “years of experience as a mom” ha! yes, all three of them are going to help me out here with the pottery. I discovered tonight that I am much more patient with the clay and not as likely to push it too far, which results in less pots flying off the wheel. So my goal is to actually make an entire set of stoneware. I have always wanted a funky custom set for myself that I made. Every time I see some cool bowls or plates and I’m tempted to buy them, I just think “I can’t buy that when I could make one!” So anyways- I’m a doin’ it, and having fun. I’m also taking orders- so if you want a honey jar or a set of mugs, or one special mug or a bowl or a teapot, let me know. I’ll quote you a price and we’ll go from there.
Yay for pottery!


5 thoughts on “My Date with Clay

  1. that is awesome that you are gettin back to what you love. I’ve seen some of your work and I think you do a great job!! Hmmm Christmas is around the corner, lets see who’s name I draw and maybe I’ll have you make something for me !

    I do the same thing – like going to the Cedaredge festival – theres always really neat pottery that i just ooooohhhh over, except I don’t know how to make pottery so im just a glutten for punishment and buy it, even if i dont “need” it 🙂

    way cool – make sure you post some pics of your pottery 🙂

  2. I admire people who can “work the wheel”. I am so clumsy I can just see me attempting to make something. I’d be down on the floor rolling with laughter. I’m not kidding!

    BTW – I’m happy that you got out and did something for you! All mom’s need a nice little break! Happy “throwing”.

  3. Good for you on doing something you love! I’ve been feeling the need to do some activities I enjoy too! Just need to force myself to do so ; ) I figured every week. I need to do something just with my hubby, just with Hailee and just with myself. I’m going to shoot for that!

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