Perma-Guilt Moms

So here is the daily email I got today from MOMsense, part of the MOPs groups if you know what that is. It’s only too appropriate after my post from yesterday…

“Perma-Guilt Moms
Feigning total confidence as a mom, loses its luster real quick. Can fessing up to guilt help us shine and be real?
Real moms feel guilty. All the time! This condition of constant guilt seems to have two components. Dealing with guilt begins when we understand these components. First, there’s the responsibility part. Moms feel responsible for the ENTIRE WORLD of their child. From the second they’re conceived to their eventual exodus off to college or down the aisle or into a new apartment, the tasks of child-creating, child-rearing, and child-raising are assumed to be hers.

Moms see themselves as responsible for everything from what their children eat to what they wear to how they act. Then there’s homework and manners and teeth flossing, and the list goes on. The sense of responsibility is the first burden of the Perma-Guilt Mom.

What’s the second part? Well, then there’s the ability. And here’s where the problem really hits the fan. If a mom is responsible for the ENTIRE WORLD of her child, then she’s bound to face a very normal feeling that she lacks the ability to accomplish or successfully follow through on all those responsibilities. Who could? One counselor suggests that “guilt is the result of feeling responsible for something but not skilled enough to accomplish the requirements.” Bingo. Not rocket science here. Moms feel like they have total responsibility but not total ability. That equals GUILT! Perma Guilt!

Mom, you are the one God chose for your child. If He thinks you’re the perfect fit, then you should too! That’s why I want you to get a printed copy of today’s MOMSense. Visit our web site at and download the free transcript of today’s MOMSense. Stick it in your Bible or on the fridge.”


2 thoughts on “Perma-Guilt Moms

  1. Wow Sarah – that is totally awesome! I really needed to hear that, especially the part about God choosing you for your child and that we are a perfect fit!! *sigh of relief*


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