Head Injuries

So tonight I was talking to my little sister, Hannah on the phone and it was late and Drew was not in bed yet. In fact, he was doing that thing that all little monsters do before their bedtime: running wildly through the house. Well I looked up just in time to catch the whirling dervish do a headplant righ into my glass coffee table. OUCH! It was sooo loud, that Hannah heard it on her end of the phone. Of course, immediately screams erupt and I have to quickly let Hannah go and Drew is holding his head. At this point I have scooped him up to hold him and kiss it to make it all better. Then I get a look at him and he’s got a gigantic egg over his right eye with a blue stripe right down the middle (from the point of contact between head and table.) So then I had to rush to the kitchen to try and find something cold to put on it. I felt so bad for him. But it was one of those weird times when the extent of the damage LOOKS so bad that all you can do is nervously laugh. And then you feel guilty for laughing, but you can’t really control it. What is up with that anyways?
So we finally get Drew settled down on the couch, relaxing and then Beau decides it’s his turn. What does he do? He pulls my wooden TV tray over on himself, along with the laptop, three remotes and my drink. One of the remotes flies open and cuts his perfectly smooth and fat little cheek. He of course then starts into the hysterics. Fortunately, the injuries sustained are not near as bad as Drew’s and he is comforted soon and easily with a boob.
I tell ya, these boys are working as a team. Earlier tonight, the hubby and I were making out after dinner in the kitchen and I just have this sense that we are being watched. Sure enough, I look over and both of the boys are just checking us out with the same look of “Hey, what’s Dada doing to Momma?” Kev and I both started to laugh and so did the boys.
Aaaaah, life is just SO much more interesting with kids.


5 thoughts on “Head Injuries

  1. I think it’s like a domino effect. That seems to happen here too! Poor boys. I have the laughing syndrome too I laugh at the wrong time. It always seems to happen when someone gets hurt or when Aaron’s upset about something. Hailee’s never really caught us making out but she’s come in when we were naked about to. we told her we were about to take baths;)

  2. That is so sad. About a month ago Hunter fell and hit his head on concrete and he got a black goose egg right away… of course it was the day before his first day of kindergarten. I coached his all day and night to tell his teacher what happened so she didn’t think we beat him or something LOL!

  3. oh those poor little guys! Im sure Drew will have a pretty bruise for a while from that. I just hate it when you see something coming like that type of fall and there is nothing you can do. You can run, or jump to catch them, but its usually too late and they end up having to endure the “hard”ships of life 😦 Thank God that most things can be fixed by kisses (and a boo) at that age 🙂

  4. Awh. I hate those goose eggs. And then when you bring them out in public, people who don’t have kids look at you like, “what did you do to him”. LOL.

    That is soooo cute about the making out in the kitchen. That has happend to us, too. LOL.

  5. It’s terrible when your kids get hurt. It makes you feel awful. Thank goodness hugs and kisses mended the boo-boos.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. Visitors are welcome!

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