PooPoo Party!

Well, I have some exciting news to report. We have had a breakthrough people! Drew has finally grasped the whole concept of bribery. Why is this so exciting? Well, I offered him an M&M to sit on the potty, and he accepted and sat. And not only sat people- he pooped! I was so happy, I showered him in M&M’s. Then, later on, he went again! And then he went again the next day and then next and today as well. Yaaaaahoooo! I think we are going to win this battle… Tomorrow is a new day, full of poop IN the potty.
I took a picture to show y’all, but after seeing my husband’s reaction when he discovered it on the digital camera, I decided that maybe that was just a little too much to post on here…Haa haa haa…!


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