Research Project: Baby-Wearing

Last night I was unable to make my post because I was tending to one of my two sick children. Beau would not go to sleep for anything and wanted to be with me the entire night, poor little guy. But there is nothing I would rather neglect my blog for! Kids are definitely at the top of my importance list. Which brings me to my next subject: informed parenting. I have been reading several different blogs that have talked about several different parenting issues ranging from cloth diapers, to elimination communication, to baby- wearing. This week I’m interested in baby- wearing. To me, it seems like such a natural thing to carry your baby around with you all day. And of course- mine would love nothing more! So I’m going to do a little research to see what kind of information I can find on the benefits of wearing your child and so forth and so on. So if any of you have any good resources or advice, etc. please share! I will share my findings later on, after I find them…


2 thoughts on “Research Project: Baby-Wearing

  1. I’ve never heard of it…what is it? They are always coming out with “new & improved” ways to be a good parent. I think the intentions are good, however I believe most moms have a God given instinct on what is best for our kids. Even with my 2 they had individual needs, what worked for one didnt always work for the other and the best way is the”Holy Ghost” method! He knows day to day how we are to train up our children! I guess I sound old fashion but hey I’ve been there-done it, and the Bible does say us “older” women are to teach you younger women, I love the subject of child training. I will keep checking back for your findings!

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