A Fall Love Story

It is fall, and I love the fall. The changing colors, the cooler air, cozy-ing up together indoors. But I also love the fall because that is when my hubby and I started “seeing” each other. We actually met at church when I was 16, (and truth be told, I thought Kevin was really OLD when I first met him..hee hee hee.) My best friend introduced us because she and Kev went to the same church. Anyways, that was when I first met Kevin. The second meeting was at my best friend’s graduation party. Kevin was the only person there who paid any attention to me. He told me he thought my shoes were really cool and asked me where I got them. I remember thinking that night that maybe he kind of liked me, and then life went on. I moved down to the same town to go to college and start my life. I had a group of friends I hung out with and had developed a decent crush on one of the guys in my little circle of friends. One night, there was a concert at our church, and Kevin’s band was the main attraction. Well Kevin noticed me that night and decided to tell my best friend that he wanted to “get to know me as a friend,” but not to say anything to me. (Ha! Yeah, right. Let’s just say he knew exactly what he was doing.) So of course, Mel (My best friend) says to me,” I really wanna tell you something, but I’m not supposed to,” and of course I say, “Well, don’t tell me then!” Best friend lingo, for fess up, sista! So she tells me of Kevin’s little inquiry, and I say, (feeling flattered, but cautious) “yeah, I’m cool with developing a friendship, but I’m totally interested in someone else.” So she says that maybe someday she’ll invite Kevin to lunch. Meanwhile, she relays this info to Kev who declares, “Well, may the best man win!” The next week, Mel calls to say that Kev is coming to lunch the next day, and for some reason I am just a ball of nerves and really nervously excited about it, and kind of surprised at myself. So Kevin comes to lunch the next day, and we have an interesting lunch together trying really hard to act like we’re not interested in each other. That week I am invited to go to a concert a few towns away with the whole gang. I decide to go. Kevin and I spend the whole weekend again trying to convince each other we’re not interested, but interested, if you know what I mean. We ride home together and have a pretty interesting conversation the whole way. At the end of it, I was thinking, there is no way this can work, but I was smitten. Kevin thought there was no way I was interested in him… Over the next few weeks, a relationship transpired. I brought him home one day (I lived with my grandma) and my mom and she were there. My mom was so rude (sorry, mom, but you were LOL) I was really embarrassed. Later after we officially became an item, she told him that he was a boy, and since he was a boy she wished he’d just dissappear. (She really put him throught the gauntlet.) That weekend, we had what we consider to be our first official date: we picked weeds in my grandma’s back yard. We got a lot of work done, but we spent a lot of time talking about our hopes and dreams and sharing plenty “moments.” You might say that is when we started to fall in love. I quickly lost my crush on the afore mentioned boy, as the best man had indeed won. We went on enjoying lunches together at college, and holding hands and talking about dreams together. We went on lots of hikes and rode around in his band’s old van. Then in November, just before Thanksgiving, we broke up. I got a little scared things were moving too fast, (even thought we hadn’t even kissed each other yet! sheesh) and with a little encouragement from my mother, I talked to Kev about slowing things donw a bit. Of course this only lasted for about two days. We had our talk, and didn’t speak the next day (I was miserable,) then I went home for the holiday and we talked on the phone and he came up to visit and go snowboarding together. For the next few months, we were “taking it slow,” then Valentine’s Day rolled around. We went to a church dance that was happening and one of my friends pulled me aside and said, “You guys aren’t just friends!” And I giggled and admitted that she was right. And with that, I finally stopped trying to be “just friends.” It was just about a week after that, that we kissed the for the first time, which was the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had. (Of course, we had to discuss it for days before it actually happened, but when it did-it was perfect.) (YEAH, sappy, I know.) Then we were engaged, which is a story I’ll have to tell another day-and we got married-and went snowboarding on our honeymoon-and had two boys (so far.) But that for the most part, is our little love story. Of course, there is a lot more to it, but that would bore the socks off you even more than my “short” version. LOL! All this to say that I love fall because it reminds of this time in my life.
I love you, Kev. I’ll pick weeds with you for the rest of my life!


5 thoughts on “A Fall Love Story

  1. Oh what a sweet story… It was a blast from the past. I remember both of the concerts and you trying to convince yourself you weren’t falling for him at on the way out of town. SUPER CUTE! You two are perfect together!!!

  2. Your story was lovely! I’m a sucker for a good love story. I’m a romantic at heart too. May you always be so “in love”. And your children are adorable!

  3. Sarah was when Kev. came up to go snowboarding the time I contemplated giving him a shove off the lift? Kev, I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I love you so very much.You are a wonderful husband to my daughter,and a wonderful Father to my grandsons.I praise God for providing you to Sarah,and for bringing such life into our family.You are a constant inspiration and also amazement to me.I also want to say , thank you for making me feel loved. Just think , if you were a wimp, I would have succeded in scaring you off and how much fun ,love and laughter we would not have had in our lives-Thank You God!Note to all, we don’t always know best. So here is the bigest pile of sentiment thus far from me. he he I love you Kev!! – your MOTHER – IN – LAW .

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