Dear Beau,

Hello little buddy! I can’t believe you are already 7 months old. Wow! Time flies by fast. I’m looking forward to sharing all your growing up moments with you, but I am going to surely miss your infancy. You are the happiest little guy for the most part, and I really appreciate that, especially since your brother tends to be quite the whiner (he takes after me, what can I say?) You are progressing with your development by leaps and bounds. Just a week after you started to crawl, you pulled yourself up to standing. I thought it might just be a fluke thing, but no. Now you pull yourself up all the time and are just on the verge of figuring out how to cruise from one piece of furniture to the next. The problem lately with all this pulling yourself up, is that you don’t really know how to get back down. So either you fall over, or you stand there for a really long time and get really frustrated and start to yell in your little Beau way. But just today you figured out how to land on your bottom. So you have been pulling yourself up all over the place and then PLOP! Right down on your butt. It’s pretty funny to watch.
Unfortunately, you are at that stage where you fall asleep while nursing, and then the minute your head hits the crib mattress your little green eyes pop right open and you’re awake! I’ve tried to leave you in your crib several times, hoping you’ll just go back to sleep, but then you pull yourself up, and get stuck there and start to cry. Some might let you just cry it out till you fall asleep, but I just haven’t gotten annoyed to that point yet…he he. Plus, Momma likes to cuddle with you, and thinks it’s really neat when you fall asleep in her arms anyways. And you eventually DO go to sleep- so it’s not so bad. You do like to sleep next to Momma though. You used to do so well with sleeping through the night and now you’ve been waking up again. Truthfully, I don’t know whether it’s at 2 or if it’s at 4 or 7- I refuse to look at the clock. Pretty soon here you’ll be getting your own room- and maybe then you’ll be able to sleep till 8 in the morning.
Your favorite things as of late have been just about anything you can get your hands on, but you keep returning the fern I have by the front door and digging in the potting soil and tearing off the leaves. This wouldn’t be sooo bad, but you have entered the “tasting” stage. Yes, today you actually tried to taste my nose- that felt really weird. Along with your inclination to taste everything, you have finally cut your two bottom teeth-so you’re testing out your chompers too. And yes, can you guess what’s coming? The inevitable, you tested your little pearly’s on me a couple of days ago. Suffice it to say, you probably wont be doing that again!
So this month we have been introducing you to just a few more foods, baby-style of course. However, one which we weren’t planning on was the french fry. Yes, your little buddy Dominic decided to share one with you the other day and well, it just kept you occupied so nicely that we adopted them into your list of foods you’re able to eat. (You know, potatoes really aren’t better any other way!) The other food that we have added for OUR convenience (like the french fry) is peas, not mashed ones, but cooked whole ones. Mommy gives them to you one at a time during dinner time and not only does it keep your attention (so she can eat) but it improves your manual dexterity. Yeah!
I am noticing a trend with you right this instant actually, and it is that you like to crawl into tight spaces. You were just hanging out having fun underneath your walker. You have also been found quite often, in our little jungle gym and underneath our coffee table. Just the other day, Drew loaded you into his toy box, and I suspect you would have liked it, had you gotten there yourself.
Well, little buddy, that is all I can think of that is of note at this time. But you are adorable, brilliant and funny- the babes are gonna love you…if you keep it up! And your Momma will always love you, oh so much! Off to feed your round little cheekys now!
Love, Momma


5 thoughts on “Dear Beau,

  1. Oh, he is more like his Auntie every day. You know, I love tight spaces, don’t forget to always check between the bed and the wall, if he ever disappears, that was my favorite hiding place.

  2. This is such a special way to write down memories… Oh it hurts so much how big they get! Be sure to print out your beautiful letter and save it for him in his baby book. 🙂

  3. Hello…love your blog. I can relate to “Mt. Laundry” (neverending with a 2½ yr old that prefers to be naked every chance she gets)

    Your son is a dolly! Wouldn’t it be great if we could just pass out like that after lunch or dinner?

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