Migraine, I’m a Gonna Kick Yo Butt!

Last Friday I was knocked on my rear from a rip-roaring migraine. I am one of the people who actually get a warning sign before I have one with the weird “aura”. I see flashing light and kind of get a tunnel vision effect. Then I get about a minute break and whammo! I’m out for a good four to five hours-totally non-functional. Let me just say that this is an attack on my happiness and health that I am not willing to accept. So I’m prepared to do the research, the food diary, the doctor visits(if need be), the drugs(if it comes to that), and let us not forget the prayer, in order to never have a one of these daggers in my head again, thank you! You know, as a mother and a person who really values her time, I just can’t have something come and take out a day in my life without warning. I have children to love on and I have goals to accomplish! So Migraine Headaches, get ready, cause you’re goin’ down! So I’ve added a link to my links, with information about Migraines, because I intend for it to be one of the tools in my arsenal. I know that I am not alone with this affliction, so please feel free to not only check out the link, but share your knowledge, ideas, and information as well. Here’s to future happy heads!


7 thoughts on “Migraine, I’m a Gonna Kick Yo Butt!

  1. Sarah,
    You don’t kknow me. I go to Faith Heights and know Jill. Her site sent me to yours and I read your entry on migraines….
    I used to have them. Mine were predominantly stress triggerred – I’ve learned to give a lot of stuf over to God and let Him take the stress. This has helped tremensously!
    Also, my sister has had them. Hers would knock her out sometimes for two whole days. (mine never lasted more than a day at a time). She has started taking a health suppliment called “MigraHealth” and it has helped her a lot. She gets it in the vitamin section at Wal-Mart! Hope this helps.
    Love in christ

  2. Wow! Sounds bad! I get headaches & migrains too but I don’t think I have ever had one where I was knocked on my butt for so long. I can’t imagine…and with kids…yeah that’s just not an option. I mean mine will last days, don’t get me wrong, but I can still funtion, at least a little bit. I’m gonna check out your link…and good luck!

  3. I too, obviously get THOSE headaches. I am currently reading a book called, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? which talked about women and their hormonal imbalances. Which several blood tests, or normal “Dr.’s office” test don’t usually catch.( sound familiar??) But migraine headaches are such a common side affect to hormonal imbalances, especially if there is a family history…DING, DING, DING,…need I say more. I am going to get to the top of this too. I will have to post a book report when I am finished.

  4. You know I get them too. After I had my daughter Hailee 4 years ago I got them for several months then they went away for a few years. Low and behold after I had Gianna I got them and they have never gone away! Right when I come home from the hospital, they start. I have always been convinced they are hormone related. I went to the doctor recently and had a cat scan , nothing. Now he wants me to go to the eye doctor to see if it’s my vision. Theres no way I can take narcotics for them and still take care of my one year old. I just take advil and suffer through them. I also noticed when I was in Oregon for 12 days. I only had 1. Sorry this was soooo long! I’m off to check out your link:0) Happy hunting to you:0)

  5. ya, kelli belly.. I had the whole MRI, cat scan, hoopla, too. Supposedly I’m normal…We are our own best doctors because we realize there is more out there then just tests and drugs to temporary “fix” the problem (which usually just cause another one)and I work in the health care profession! I could so get on a soap box. I’ll just wait till I’m finished with the book.

  6. I just read this Sarah, All I have to say is sorry girls,didnt mean to pass this along. one good thing sarah, at least you have a warning I just wake up at about 4:00am with one-then by 6:OO The barfing sets in. Sorry.The #1 thing to do is start a migraine diary. use a calendar. Also look into the herb called butterbur.it is supposed to deal with seratonin issues. Let me know what you find out. remember, 2ND Cor. 12;10 that is why, For Christ’s sake, I delight in weakness’es, in insults,in hardships,in persecutions,in difficulties. For when I am weak,then I am strong.– meditate on that for awhile.This is one of those verses most Christians would like to forget about or even better, deny the truth of it. I can explain this if anyone wants me to.

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