Kev’s Quote of the Weekend

During dinner Saturday Beau was particularly fussy. As all you nursing mothers know, (or have known, if you currently have ownership of your own boobs ) your child will always decide they want to eat right when you’ve put all the hot food on the table and are ready to sit down and enjoy your freshly cooked meal (or the KFC you just picked up.) And this night it was no different. Beau was having a fullfledged fuss fest, and we had company, and I didn’t want to leave the table and go feed him. I just wanted to finish my meal without having to microwave it. Sensing my frustration, and being annoyed himself at the fussing, my husband piped up and said, “Lone me your boob, I’ll feed him!” To which I replied, “Believe me, if I could I would!”

Yes, I am looking forward to the day my breasts will again experience sweet “I can wear all the cute bras I want” freedom. Now why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret make sexy nursing bras? After all, it’s their floopy little outfits that got us in this position in the first place, right?!


7 thoughts on “Kev’s Quote of the Weekend

  1. I completely agree!!! Maybe we can picket outside their store?

    currently nursing 2 month old…have a long way to go before the cute bras 😦

  2. Hey now, our boobs are bigger when we’re nursing and that is supposed to be sexy in our culture, right? So why not sexy nursing bras? It’s not like we stop being sexy just because we’re mothers, right?! LOL! I think it IS an oxymoron to the rest of the world that aren’t mothers… or at least that is the feeling I get…

    And hey, they picketed about nursing in public…

  3. They are STILL picketing about nursing in public here in Arizona. It actually is a major political thing going on here.
    I’m sure if the mothers had more sexy bras, there would be no problem…LOL
    (from a breastfeeding teacher, but not yet a breastfeeder.)

  4. OMG. It’s like they can sense that we need sustenance and so demand some of their own. Drives me INSANE. I’d like just one meal without a baby on me in some way. Ahhhh… all to soon it’ll be over, though and I’ll miss my little nursling.

    And I have had the same thought about VS. WHY don’t they just humor us?

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