Mystery Muck

I could tell this story, but I think I’ll let you do the talking. Can anyone tell me the story here? I will post the winning story with an additional picture… this should be funny…


7 thoughts on “Mystery Muck

  1. What the***??? It didn’t look like toothpaste, or…well, any other kind of creams that I KNOW OF…
    Can you tell I don’t have kidz?
    Thanks to Allison for clearing this up!

  2. ummm. yeah. good luck cleaning that one up! Desitin is made to repel water, sorry but I don’t have any ideas!

    with the kind of week we’re having, i’m just glad it was you not me!

    ; )

  3. ROFL. Ok, let’s see.

    Once upon a time, a precious but mischevious baby was put down for a nap. When baby awoke, baby spotted the Desitin cream and felt artisitically inspired so baby quietly went to work. Mama came back in just as baby was doing the finishing touches. Tada!

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I can’t even imagine how you felt when you came upon this mess! I can see the laughing part, but then what fallowed the laughing probably wasn’t as funny 🙂 And oh the clean up…..must have taken you forever!

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