Small Vent-ola

So today was one of those days when I was not exactly at my best. I had to struggle at time just to keep my sanity. And other times I felt just fine and happy. I’m really moody…so I’m guessing my monthly friend is going to start coming back for a visit. Headaches. Check. Moody. Check. Depressed. Check. Distracted. Check. Unmotivated. Check. Breakouts. Check. Tense. Check. Yeah…its a comin. Yeah, fun for me. So…at least I got my mountain of laundry done!


One thought on “Small Vent-ola

  1. Unfortunately me too…. I noticed I do feel better, mood wise when I take in more calcium… that is said to help with that nasty PMS…. Also, here is a number “1-888-561-3939 PMS RESEARCH STUDY” for those who experience worse PMS symptoms than most OR rephrase than MOST (which would be me)… anyhoo…. the big NO NO’s are “caffeine & chocolate” caffeine is my life line (a pretty common factor) and chocolate, IS what I crave the most when being tormented with hormonal hurricanes…. SO my question: What is the DIFFERENCE when your pregnant (mood, cravings, energy, balance, pains, break outs, function etc)… is it the same as PMS? Your hormones are all out doing their thing REEKING HAVOC… how do you differentiate the TWO? That is what I’d like to know…. is it really PMS or is it PREGNANCY?

    Good time to get a really good movie and try your best to just R E L A X with popcorn and beer (my fav.), is what helps me deal…. IF you CAN that is… which is something you HAVE to do for you (and everyone around you too)… prioritize and put time aside is in order… know what I mean…. easier said than done, I know the drill.

    Love to ramble… so better leave it at that… oh, by the way… love the “Monologue for the Stay at Home Mom” archive… I will comment on that anutter time….

    Winding down…



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