The Advent of the IBook

Advantages to having a laptop (please feel free to add your own $.02)

1. You can take it to wherever your kids are playing and still keep an eye on them.
2. You can sit in bed and surf/blog/write/whatever.
3. You can watch TV and surf/blog/write/whatever-and be interactive with those interactive TV shows much easier…you know, the ones that say “to vote…got to such and such dot com…”
4. You can bring it with you on trips and look up the definition of a word or thing you and your husband are arguing about.
5. You can watch your own DVD on trips, while the kids watch theirs in the back (if you have a dvd player for the kids too of course.)
6. You can move it out of the way of grabby little fingers a lot easier than a desk computer.
7. You can carry it with you everywhere, just like a kid holds on to his treasured blanky.
8. You can very easily show anyone what you are working on or looking at withou having to drag them into the computer room (good for showing your husband that kitchenaid mixer you want on ebay.)
9. You can fit it in your diaper bag!
10. You can sit on the toilet and surf/blog/write/whatever (not that I need to sit on the toilet that long…eh hem.)


4 thoughts on “The Advent of the IBook

  1. We have a PowerBook and it really is great to take on trips in the car and on the plane. Plus it’s super fast. But Hubby always has to take it to work. We don’t have a regular computer at home. I love em though.:0)

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