God’s Will for Drew’s Rear(ing)

So lately we’ve been up to our ears in the potty…I mean potty training. I don’t know if I will survive this period of childhood. It is really trying my patience, but it is growing my resourcefulness. ( I am amazed at just how resourceful I’ve become since becoming a mother.) For example I am learning just what to use as a bribe to get my son to try to expel anything on the toilet. Tonight, he really wanted to watch Bob the Builder, so I told him, “only if you go poo poo on the potty.” He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough! And he actually squeezed something out the size of a…well…a…..a…pea. So, while this didn’t warrant the reward of the big present that has been hanging on the door hook now for four months-he was plenty happy to watch his little show. Earlier today, at the suggestion of a friend, I tried the cold turkey approach and let him just wear some regular little Spongebob undersquarepants. He didn’t last five minutes, people. Wet all the way down his pants, puddle on my carpet. Yuck! They say potty training is training the parents, and I’m beginning to see the wisdom of that statement. I will not be doing the undies until he is good and ready for that. My carpet can’t handle it, and neither can I. Tomorrow, though, I will be as resourceful as I can with the bribing and be as encouraging as I can. However, I imaginge he will spend most of the day in a diaper (vs. a pull-up) seeing as we are going to be out and about with his Nanna.

I am remembering a story from my mother’s young mommy days. When she was potty-training my sister, (ha! not me..he he) she was having a particularly difficult day one time when my sister sufficiently soiled her undies. And basically as she was washing them out in the toilet and grumbling to herself, she very clearly hear God say that this was His will for her. So, she quit grumbling and accepted her position and all that comes with it. And she is the best Mom God could provide. Thanks for potty training me mom.


3 thoughts on “God’s Will for Drew’s Rear(ing)

  1. I wish God would talk to me while I clean up poop. I could use the company 😉

    Good luck with the potty training. With my first son it was awful. He seemed ready but then he didn’t, on and off. Training not training. Undies, diapers… Messes all the time, power struggles. It was awful.

    With my second son I learned my lesson. I told him about using the potty, made one available, and let him train himself. I never pushed him – he just decided to and had few accidents after that.

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