Crawl-ly Monster!

Well, you knew it was coming…yes… Beau has started to officially crawl. Yes, Gramma Summer had the magic touch (as she did with Drew) and was able to lure him towards her with the oh so interesting reading glasses. As I write, he is now starting to really take off, and realize the perks of his newfound ability. Time to watch out for all of Drew’s swallow-able toys! I’m excited for this milestone as it will certainly make things easier in the way that he will be able to entertain himself a little bit better and not squawk in frustration. But I will also have to deal with him being able to get virtually anywhere he wants and doing strange things like bumping the CD player with his head and accidentally changing the CD I am listening to. (hee)

This weekend and today Drew changed his own diaper twice…which is really starting to become a quandary because he leaves skidmarks in various places. Today, he actually tried to change himself on the changing table-how do I know? Big ugly skid mark up there. And I had to wash all his sheets and blankets. I don’t want to have to do this everyday people. Any ideas? He thinks he’s helping me out, but not so much…

So Kevin informed me that he has a bunch of days off that he hasn’t taken yet, so we need to take a vacation. Wow, I’m not sure I can live with that one… Ha ha. So we are trying to decide where to go and what to do. So if you have any bright ideas for a family with a 2 1/2 year old and an infant, I’m all ears…(er..I guess…eyes…)

It seems like there was something else I had to mention…hmm…I’ll get back to y’all if I remember.


2 thoughts on “Crawl-ly Monster!

  1. overalls. He shouldn’t be able to get them off and then won’t be able to change his diaper.

    I still think you should just potty train cold turkey, tho. I think you should get him some star wars underwear and let him figure it out, especially since you’re cleaning up potty all over the place anyway 🙂

    Oh and YAY for Beau!! I knew it wouldn’t be long.

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