Poop This and That (Random Crap)

I had a rather nice weekend. It started out with a lovely date with Kev on Friday. We went to a nice little French restaurant here in town and for a little while, I actually felt like I was in a different country. Yes, while I wouldn’t say our waiter was rude, he was not exactly friendly, which just added to the experience because I hear that is how Americans are treated in France. That is probably the only time I’ll ever be glad for a waiter who was kind of snooty to us. The food was delish, too. Totally worth it. Then we went for a walk in our local historic downtown, ha ha (every downtown is “historic” in Colorado.) We found some art studios and walked in to see what was happening and discovered a studio that has open figure drawing sessions every week. It is really reasonably priced and you don’t have to sign up or anything. This is super exciting for me, because figure drawing is my favorite and well, its not exactly easy to get a good model, or any model for that matter for any length of time. Much less, work with artists who can give you good tips and critiques. So, as soon as I figure out what to do with the boys, I will definitely be going to that!
The rest of the weekend, Kev spent a lot of time remodeling the play room, which will soon become a big family room and I am excited about that. We had a couple nice dinners with friends and family.
This whole weekend Beau has been on the verge of crawling. He is SO so so, close. Up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Taking steps with hands and taking steps with knees- just needs to put the two together. I can’t wait till he starts, although I have a feeling it is going to come back and bite me in the butt. But, it is always good to see your child progress. I was really worried he was going to accomplish the feat while we were on our date. My mom got Drew to crawl and I was out of the room when he did it, and I was so bummed I missed it. I want to be there when Beau puts it all together and takes off for the first time.
Drew, on the other hand has been Mr. Mystery Poop this weekend. About 4 or 5 times now we’ve woken up to him wearing a clean diaper, and a poopy one in the trash can, along with some dirty wipes. He is usually also dressed in clothes other than the ones he went to bed in as well. So our little “refuse to sit on the potty” is changing his own diaper in the morning. Some of those mornings we’ve also found a little poop here and there on the floor and a streak on his butt- so he’s not so good at it. It’s the mornings he gets everything that mystify us. Yep. Maybe its time I crack down on the potty training. If he can do that, he can sit on the pot!
So that is all the random bits from my weekend. Right now I have the Beau sitting on my lap and he is trying desperately to type you his own message. So I must bid you adieu for today.


3 thoughts on “Poop This and That (Random Crap)

  1. can you hear me laughing down there in junction? I have heard alot of kid stories but not that! Do you think that he might like the feel of it? They say that Rodan used to fish poo out of his nappies too,The early signs of a budding sculptor.Oh, I am exceited! Just think another sculptor-oh,yeah I guess I might be jumping to conclusions. LOVE,Grandma Sum Sum, go Drew go

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