Beau Strikes Back!

So I think I’ve mentioned several times in my blog my fears of Drew hurting Beau and that someday Beau would get his revenge. Well, today it finally happened. Yes, at five months old and probably not much less than five pounds lighter than his big brother (which really has nothing to do with it) Beau had his revenge for all the things Drew has done to him, although not on purpose of course. Drew was crawling around on the floor with two cars, showing Beau how vroom, while Beau was intently watching from his walker. Well, Drew ventured right up close to Beau and his head was at just the right height for Beau to reach down and grab a hold of Drew’s hair, and that is exactly what he did. He loves to grab hair! I was reading and eating my breakfast when I heard Drew start whimpering behind me, and I turned around to see this spectacle of Beau with a fistful of Drew’s hair, yanking his head up and down with a big ol’ smile on his face. Then Drew, who was in much pain (believe me, I’ve been there) started to cry. Poor thing. So I rescued him and very lightly told Beau, “No, no.” And then proceeded to give Drew a hug and comfort him and try to explain that Beau just loves him, and he loves hair, so it really was an expression of his love for Drew. LOL! I actually appreciated the opportunity to show Drew that I was on his side too, since it feels like I am always on Beau’s side, reprimanding Drew constantly and telling him to leave Beau alone. So, Beau strikes back, if not on purpose, sad, but funny.


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