Beau Baddies, and a Goody Too!

Last night I woke up to a steaming hot baby with snot running profusely out of his head desperately trying to figure out how to crawl, right next to me in bed. Poor thing. I don’t know if he is sick or if this is a really terrible stage of teething. Lets hope its the latter, seeing that we still don’t have insurance on this kid. I gave him some Infant Tylenol and tried to suck as much snot out of his head as I could and nursed him (which is probably by far the best medicine) and he cooled down and went to sleep. Today, there is no fever, just lots of head drainage-nose and mouth. Maybe those things are going to cut through today?! Drew never had any problems with teething, he was never fussy or had a fever. A few times he may have had a mild runny nose, so this teething kid hell is kind of new to me. Right now, Beau is fortunately sleeping, so this should give me a little bit of time to update his wardrobe, of which he has grown out of just about everything, already. On a positive note: he said his first word yesterday- and I’m sure this will come as a shock: it was “DAD.” Even if he is having a hard day, at least I know and am prepared, which in some weird way makes it easier. I’m so proud of my boy!


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