Ptosis? What the….

Let me just announce to the world right now, that I hate, repeat: HATE insurance companies. Those money mongers will try to get out of paying for your care in any way, shape or form. The latest offense: mild, intermittent ptosis of the left eye. Let me explain. My son Beau has been without health insurance since he was a month old due to reasons that involve stupid rules of insurance companies and an h.r. representative… ANYways, so hubby and I have been trying to find the best route to insure him until we can sign him up again on employer’s insurance. So I submitted an application to a local HCO company, and I have to add that there was a nonrefundable $25 processing fee, the application was really long and laborious to fill out, and required other documents like immunization records and medical records (which I had to pay for as well!!). All of this they expected to fit in a measly little envelope they provided, yeah right! So after finally getting all of this done, I find that all of my work has been in vain. They denied us due to mild, intermittent ptosis of Beau’s left eye. This, I might add, was not even disclosed to me, so I was a little shocked to read it. Yes, Beau’s left eye is a little droopy, but no one informed me that it was actually a condition. I just thought it would go away as he got older, and quite frankly, I still do!! Darn it! So, Beau is still without insurance, we are back to square one and quite frustrated. But I have to say I did call up the insurance company and ask for his medical transcripts back. They said they were going to send them back to me, but then again they say things like, “We will cover you” too, and don’t do that.

Here’s Beau right after he was born (when the “ptosis” is most noticeable) and at 5 months. Looks like its getting better to me!


4 thoughts on “Ptosis? What the….

  1. I hate insurance!The reason why they won’t insure him for ptosis is because it is technically defined as a cranial nerve defect. So your doctor should have either labled it differently, or came up witha different diagnosis. You would think that if it was really ptosis she would have told you. Plus he doesn’t really have it anymore anyway.

  2. Yes, I agree, my doctor should have at least told me she put that on his record!
    His eye is doing fine. Now it just looks like his eyes are different sizes, and nobody has eyes that are exactly the same size. Heck, we ALL could have ptosis in one eye, according to an insurance company. SHeeeeezzz.

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