I just wanted to clarify a few things about my When will it stop? post because it seems the information has been a little, shall I say, “blown out of proportion” which is partly my own fault. You can read about what happened to my mom more specifically
here in my sister’s blog.

And in reference to my Title? post, I just have to say what a gem my hubby is. He apologized for saying that my title wasn’t creative and said he didn’t want to be unsupportive. He said he was thinking about my blog from more of a “how can we get more people to read my wife’s sight,” point of view. But he understands that my title fits my blog just perfectly like my sister said, “it alludes to my faith and my daily life in one statement.” So, blog title will not be changed. I like it, you like, hubby likes it. Done.


3 thoughts on “Ammendments

  1. Ive always liked your title,it is humorus,which I think is a Godly virtue.Just think if you had all the stuff the world thinks is cool,money,looks,intelligence,education,influence,talent,creativity,but you did not possess a sense of humor,well,I think after a short while all these qualities would pale in the absense of a sense of humor.When I told Jo Mayes the name of your title , she laughed,now, the ability to make others laugh is a priceless gift. Especially when there is so much not funny stuff in our world.

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