When Will it Stop?

I just have to say that I am kind of at my wits end, (as if I ever had any to begin with.) There is all this crap, yes CRAP going on and happening to people that I love and I can’t do anything to help. Boy is that an awful feeling. It’s all different stuff- so I wont go into detail- but most of it has largely to do with health. My little sister Ariel is super sick, I think with the same thing Kev and I had a month ago, and my mom just about died from what we think might have been anaphylactic shock. The scary part is we don’t know. Another of my friends is supposedly having her labor induced today- and I pray that it goes really really well! Amongst the many other frustrating things that are going on- my only answer for all of this is to pray. So please pray with me. It seems that things are often falling apart and I thank God that he can put them back together. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


2 thoughts on “When Will it Stop?

  1. In times like these I always just ask myself one question:

    “Is God big enough?”

    Either He is, or He isnt… experience has taught me that it is ALWAYS the first

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