So, in a conversation with my hubby the other night, he revealed that he thought I needed a more creative title for my blog. Seeing that I am only creative enough to come up with Sermon on the Mount (of Laundry) I am having a hard time coming up with any more titles so I thought I would open it up to you all, my readers, and see if any of you had any good, creative suggestions. So fire ’em at me, I’m ready.

P.S. I’m not changing the title just because my hubby thinks I should, I just thought I’d see if anyone had a suggestion that I liked better than my own! Thanks!

What? You don’t like my blog title?!


2 thoughts on “Title?

  1. WHAT? I love your blog title!!!! In fact I had a friend over just a couple days ago that commented how cute the title of your blog was. SO DON’T BE PRESSURED TO CHANGE IT. I was thinking that at least you came up with something creative – unlike myself. Keep preachin’ girl!

  2. That is ridiculous. Your blog title is GREAT and extremely creative. Not to mention it alludes to your faith and your daily life in one statement… Don’t change it. My blog title is the one that is not creative. see if K has a suggestion for me.

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