Garden Update

Well, since I said I would, I thought I’d give an update on my “garden business.” After planting it, the garden was very much ignored for the next month and a half due to wedding showers and weddings and birthdays and such. It still got watered, thanks to the sprinklers that have to be on from time to time four days a week, and plenty of unseasonal rainstorms. (I got stuck in Wal-Mart during one the other day, but that is another story…) Monday when Allie came by we went out back with the kids who were begging to go outside and I showed her my pathetic little garden all overgrown with the grass I had worked so hard and suffered a migraine to pull out. She just started pulling the grass out, and it was easy as it had just rained the night before, and so I naturally joined her, (Thank you Allison, BTW, I owe you one!) and wallah! my garden was weeded very quickly and looks much better, Yay! My big tomato plant is doing really well, actually, despite early attacks from a worm, however my grape tomato plant suffered a little more, due to the afore mention worm (or two.) It is still alive though. My cucumber plant died within a week, just shriveled up like the wicked witch of the west. Don’t know how I could have saved it, since I’m really new at this. My leek plant is doing great- it’s huge. But I must confess I thought it would spread out and it is only growing up, so who knows? Not me, obviously. He he. My herbs, I kept in my garden window in my kitchen and they’ve done great. In fact, my basil grew so much, that last night I harvested enough to make a sufficiently large pot of pesto pasta. I was very proud of myself. I just hope I harvested it right, so more will grow back…

I will post some pics as soon as I take some!


2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. I made a garden this year too and it’s overtaking the area! Hunter planted a little watermelon plant that is now the size of a large couch! But I’m getting lots of jalepeno’s and tomato’s so far. Let’s see what happens with the watermelon. Garden’s are a ton of work!

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