Weekend, Weather, and Worries

This weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday by going on a much needed camping trip. I can’t say that it was restful, because it wasn’t- I still had to nurse Beau and that is difficult to do from a sleeping bag. And the moon was quite full and I think I’m a bit of a lunatic. It rained almost all day on Saturday, which was kind of a bummer, but we still had fun. We tossed around a frisbee (and I way overused my right arm) and then we finally went to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, which was nice. Beau kept on splashing the water without stopping even though it was bugging him too. Then he got fussy and finally ate after a long morning of not eating. And those of you who are nursing, or have nursed know what I’m talking about (boulders for boobs, ouch!) I wonder if implants hurt like engorged breasts? Thinking out loud… Then we had a lovely BBQ steak dinner. My dad can grill ’em like no one else, and my mom makes this yummy herbed butter to melt on top. (Fresh basil and oregano in butter) The campground host made some homemade peach icecream and brought that over for dessert. Then my sister and Jeremiah and Mom and Dad and us all hung around the fire entertaining each other. So yes, overall it was a nice weekend.

Today, Allison stopped by with a birthday present. She knitted me a lovely purple wool shrug, which I will have to get pictures up of soon. (As soon as I figure out how to post pics up here without the help of flickr) Thank you, Allie. It is lovely. I feel special to have it. Now I’ll have to find something to wear it with!

Kevin is playing gig over on the other side of the state tonight and I miss him dearly. I don’t like to go to sleep without him here. He’s like my loyal german shepherd keeping watch over the house and family, so when he’s gone, I feel a little insecure and end up staying up really late to compensate. If that makes any sense at all? Wish this house didn’t creak so much! But anyways, he’s back tomorrow. You know what they say, “Absence makes the fart go Honda!”


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