I Love, I Love… you Drew.

I went to Denver this past weekend again, and it was yet another trip filled with a ton of conflicting emotions as seems to be the trend for me recently. You can read about my previous trip in the month of April, under “My Crazy Weekend.” This time, I don’t feel like talking about the ins and outs of my trip. All I am going to say is that it was really hard, with not a lot of fun moments. But here is the funniest moment of our weekend:
Kev was tucking Drew in, and Drew sleepily looked up at my husband, his cuteness prompting Kev to say, “I love you, Drew.” And Drew looked back up at Kev and said, “I love, I love the backetball hoop.” (s left out on purpose.) And then Kev said, “Yes, but I love YOU, Drew.” And Drew said, ” I love the backetball hoop!”
Seems Drew has taken a deep liking to all things backetball.


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