Flouncy Baby

Flouncy Baby
Originally uploaded by sarahgrace.

I added some more wedding shots to my flickr account, althought not very many because I am almost up to my quota for the month and I expect to have some nice pictures coming up before the end of July.
Sorry for the quality on some these pictures, and also I should add that I believe most of these were shot with my mother’s camera, most likely by her- except for the one she is in. I’m sorry I don’t know who shot that one…

This is Ariel having fun with her poofy slip and Beau. I don’t know what made us think of this, but it’s a funny picture anyways. Maybe it’s an omen to how soon she’s going to get preggers. (I would put money on less than a year. He heee, and Drew needs some cousins anyways.)

I will post more wedding pictures in my flickr account when I get them- these were the best for now. Enjoy!


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