The Wedding

Well, it is finally over. My littlest sister finally got married. All of us kids are married off now and life can go on, and begin anew.
Ariel’s wedding was lovely. Everything went really well as far as weddings go. There was a little bit of confusion, and not quite enough chairs for everyone at the reception, but it was still great. The groom and his attendants walked in to the song Bad Boys, with aviator glasses on, which was a surprise to us girls, but a hit. Ariel walked down the aisle to a screaming rendition of Here Comes the Bride played on the electric guitar by none other than the fabulous Anthony (from my husband’s band, 5fd, Thank you Anthony! That rocked! I especially liked the whistle in the middle of it.)I would have to say the high point was watching Ariel and Jeremiah after they lit their unity candle. They had to stand back there for a while during the music piece they had chosen for that section of the ceremony. They just stood there looking in each other’s eyes and talking about their day, and since they are (were) both virgins, probably giddily saying, “We get to have sex tonight!” That seemed to be more of a prominate theme during the entire wedding, but when you’ve waited that long, what can you expect? They just looked so in love, and perfect for each other and that made me really happy for them. I’ve never seen Ariel so content and confident in herself before, and that is just a witness to the “rightness” of their union together. The low of the night, was when I had to actually run to the back of the chapel to get a glass of water during the ceremony because I was about to have a coughing fit. I figured it would be less distracting for me to just leave than to go into convulsions and really interrupt the entire ceremony. As it was, everyonge thought I went to go get a tissue for my sister, Hannah, who was having trouble holding back the tears. I told her she needed to not listen to the words of the song, that’ll get you every time!
The reception was fun, but short, very short. Every little reception custom was performed and then they were outta there right at ten, and no later, once again the
“we get to have sex tonight” theme overriding everything. Apparently, (I didn’t see this because I was shoveling lasagne down my throat)when Jeremiah went to pull the garter off Ariel’s leg, he stuck his whole head under there and when he came out- he tossed like size 60 red lacy undies into the crowd. (Paying homage to Shallow Hal) That was pretty funny, seeing that Ariel is probably a size 2 or 4, and I wish I could’ve seen her face, but everyone else thought it was funny.

So now Ariel is a Mrs. and I still don’t think it has hit me, probably wont until she gets back from her honeymoon. Weird.

I will have to post some pics as soon as I download them (I need to post pics of the bees too…)
Until then…


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